Jukebox Burgers

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Jukebox Burgers

Jukebox Burgers

Since 2010 the Jukebox Burgers restaurant has come to revolutionize the restaurant scene in Montreal. In our menu you will find traditional American dishes with a unique and peculiar taste. Try the crispy fried chicken, caramelized onions, hot dogs, Ice cream and more. The burgers are prepared with the freshest ground beef and ingredients, plus all of our macaroni and cheese dishes are made with our own cheese sauce. We also recommend you to order by phone or online, you can choose if you want to wait our delivery service or come and pick up!

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Quality score

  • Martin Juneau

    Martin Juneau Martin Juneau

    -First time ordering online. Order was ready when we arrived, and they made the milkshake when we got there so the whipped cream wouldn't mix with the shake. And it was delicious as usual!!!-
  • Kellie Farfan

    Kellie Farfan Kellie Farfan

    -Always great customer service. Our waitress was very friendly and attentive. The food is really good. Good portions for the price. And what to say about the decor, it's simply gorgeous. 60's inspired and I just love it.-
  • Umberto Ferrante

    Umberto Ferrante Umberto Ferrante

    -Had hot rod burger ,verry good , great hospitality must check out-
  • Maggie Letellier

    Maggie Letellier Maggie Letellier

    -Great fun for the kids!-
  • carlos ortega

    carlos ortega carlos ortega

    -Best burgers-
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