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Jukebox Burgers

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Jukebox Burgers

Jukebox Burgers

Since 2010 the Jukebox Burgers restaurant has come to revolutionize the restaurant scene in Montreal. In our menu you will find traditional American dishes with a unique and peculiar taste. Try the crispy fried chicken, caramelized onions, hot dogs, Ice cream and more. The burgers are prepared with the freshest ground beef and ingredients, plus all of our macaroni and cheese dishes are made with our own cheese sauce. We also recommend you to order by phone or online, you can choose if you want to wait our delivery service or come and pick up!

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Quality score

  • Roman Teliszczuk

    Roman Teliszczuk Roman Teliszczuk

    -Burger, fries and milk shake were great. Excellent service. Clean and safe environment. Highly recommend.-
  • Jit Kapur

    Jit Kapur Jit Kapur

    -Great place. Outside patio safe in this environment. Great experience-
  • Ginera Viindergont

    Ginera Viindergont Ginera Viindergont

    -jukebox is amazing. however, i feel like they changed their food a bit after quarantine? I used to always get the pulled pork poutine but I ordered it yesterday, having been the first time going there since before quarantine, and it wasn’t as good as before? maybe they changed their recipe. still a great place tho and service is always awesome:)-
  • Denis Kartachov

    Denis Kartachov Denis Kartachov

    -Nice 80's style restaurant. The burger I had was amazing; the texture, the taste and the structural integrity were spot on, just how burgers should be. The size was perfect, easy to bite into without it feeling like a mouth workout. For dessert, I had the salted caramel cookie with vanilla ice cream on top as recommended by our waiter. Man was it amazing. The warm & soft cookie combined with the cold scoop of ice cream really satisfied my tastebuds. The atmosphere of the restaurant was great, the service was very good as well. We were served very quickly. The waiter was incredibly nice. Overall, we had a great experience. We'll be back for sure-
  • Cindy Marcone

    Cindy Marcone Cindy Marcone

    -Really cute restaurant, the vibe is great. The service was really great and fast. The food was also good.-
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